29 Mar 2012

Color blocking

"Spring runways were more colorful than the crowd at a Lady Gaga concert."(glamour.com)
 It's hardly surprising that the color blocking trend was still going strong on the runways this year, in some spring-summer collections. One of the main reasons why it's so popular it's because it means forgetting about 'traditional' rules and allowing creativity to run wild. However, in order to make a color-blocking make-up wearable and avoid a clown-ish look, some rules still apply: try to highlight only one feature, rather than your entire face, and only play with two or three of your favorite colors, not with your entire make-up collection.

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  1. Add a black line to it and its perfection for me. I know, its supposed to be runway, but i just cant deal without it :|

  2. I would go with brown eyeliner and lose the blue line, for a wearable version... (hmm, but that wouldn't be color blocking anymore:)) ). I actually have a passion for orange eyeshadow these days, but I'm keeping it very simple in my everyday looks.


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