Health and skin benefits of Garlic

Garlic has become synonymous with health, energy, and longevity. Apart from spicing up the Indian and Italian cuisine, garlic has wonderful skin and health benefits; Garlic helps open up blood vessels, thus aiding many maladies connected with circulation, and it is a strong antibiotic. For centuries Garlic has been a common remedy for colds, coughs. bronchitis and sore throats as it induces perspiration and stimulates energy.

One of the best ways to take Garlic is by drinking milk in which you have boiled cloves of garlic. For arthritis, rheumatism, sciatica and sinus infections, mash 2 garlic cloves with a teaspoon of honey and take for three or four nights in succession. Garlic browned in butter and honey helps kidney and bladder troubles. Infused in milk or water, it is recommended for reducing blood pressure and relieving headaches. Animal studies have shown improvements in arteriosclerosis conditions. Italian food has garlic in almost every recipe and its benefits clearly shows that Italians have a lower incidence of heart disease when compared to others. Garlic also brings relief in case of indigestion, intestinal infections and liver disorders. It has long been recognized as one of the best natural remedies for getting rid of worms because of the high allicin content of the oil.

Here are some good garlic tonic:

  • Mince 2 garlic cloves and steep on a glass of white wine for 3 days; take a teaspoon first thing every morning.
  • Steep chopped garlic in alcohol in the ratio of one part garlic to two of alcohol. Allow the mixture to stand in the warmth (sunlight or near a stove) for 2 weeks; strain. Being by taking 2 drops in a glass of warm water before lunch or dinner (once a day) and each successive day increases the dose by one drop until a maximum of 25 is reached; then reverse the procedure, returning drop by drop to 1. This tonic can be taken several times a year, but there should be a gap of 6 months in every interval.
  • An ointment can be made by crushing 2 cloves of garlic and blending it in 2 tablespoons of lard. This can be rubbed or massaged into areas of rheumatic pain or neuritis; it also helps to ease sprains and macular pains.
  • Garlic has great antiseptic properties; it can also be applied to insect stings and bites – mash a clove, or extract the juice, and mix with small amount of hot water or honey.

The list of garlic’s benefits doesn’t ends here and it has lots of benefits to our skin. Garlic has been used to treat many skin problems since ancient times. Garlic is enriched with antioxidants and skin healing properties which helps make our skin healthier, shinier and smooth.

Here are some of the Garlic’s benefits to our skin:

Treating warts: Garlic is full of allicin which has great antibacterial properties. This allicin is the one which is responsible for garlic’s bad smell. You can make garlic ointment at home or can directly apply garlic juice on these warts which can easily get you rid of these warts.   

Yes Garlic has Anti-aging properties too: everything inside us is made of cells and these cells die as well. When our skin cell ages or doesn’t get enough oxygen, they are replaced with new ones. But these new cells aren’t that good and these signs can be easily seen on our face. But, garlic is full of antioxidants and it keeps your skin cells enriched with oxygen and this helps to attain a prolonged youth. So regular consumption of garlic will surely add some help to achieve a prolonged youth.

Anti-fungal properties: Garlic is a very good anti-fungal agent. If you apply garlic on your feel or any area of skin which is affected by fungus, it can aid a great help to get you rid of it.

There is lot more which a small bunch of garlic can do and you will surely experience lot more benefits when you start taking it regularly. But everything has its pros and cons, so you need to be little careful when you eat garlic.

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