Health benefits of Gold Jewellery

The Gold rates are touching sky but we cannot imagine an Indian wedding without the Bride flaunting her Gold Jewelry, do we?
Gold jewelry is considered as status in the Indian culture and society, no matter what hierarchy a person belongs to.  Gold is preferred by all class people and it is a good investment as well.

Do you really think, Gold as just an ornament? Especially when one of your fingers carries a stone adorned in gold. Gold is believed to attract Sunrays through the metal touching your body, vitality and energy is thus passed through which protects our body from various energies in the surrounding.

Health benefits of gold jewellery: According to Ayurveda, Gold has warm properties and so people with Vata and Kapha prakruti should prefer Gold other than another metal. Because, The Vata and Kapha prakruti is cool in nature and to strike a balance with the environment, one should wear Gold Ornaments.
If you are Pitta prakruti, you should not wear Gold and prefer Silver jewelry.

Wearing Gold Chain or Necklace is to be believed to protect the Vishuddha, Anahat and Swadhishthan chakras, and also attract flow of bliss in one’s body.

It is believed that one should wear Gold Bracelets in Left hand and not in right. This is because the electromagnetic flow of energy flows in the left palm and out the right palm. If you wear ankle bracelets or toe rings, the flow of energy also works the same way for the feet, entering the left and leaving the right.

According to Ayurvedic, Gold provides Strength, invigorates Spiritual and Physical energy and also makes increase Positivity in one’s Body and soul. It counters Melancholy and lifts up one’s mood, Increase one’s immunity and prevents Heart Disease if Gold ornament is wore around neck. It also cleanses blood and cures Asthma.

When a baby is born in India, It is a culture to pierce the baby’s Ear lobes with thin Gold wire. This is believed to make baby immune of diseases and helps healthy growth.

Gold is considered the safest metal and is tolerated by most people. It is widely used in dentistry and other surgical procedures.

Gold not only enhance one’s appearance but also provide with lot more benefits than one can see.
Do you like to wear Gold too? Share your thoughts with us.

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