How To Do A Black Smokey Eye

Do A Black Smokey Eye In 10 Steps!

The ideal makeup look for any opportunity is a black & bold smokey eye! For some women, it is a challenging task, but for others, it is a piece of cake! In order to achieve the perfect outcome, you got to have the right equipment, mind of steel, patience, and a steady hand! Got it? Good! Here is how to achieve it in 10 quick and easy steps!

1) Do Your Eyes First

When playing with color (black especially) and shades that can have a significant amount of fallout, it is crucial for you to do your eye makeup first. This way you won’t have to do a lot of cleaning and tidying after the process is over. However, you can apply your facial primer and let it sink into your pores while you play around with your eyeshadows.

2) Prime The Eyes

An eyeshadow primer is just as crucial as your face primer since you can’t achieve a flawless outcome without having prepped lids. You can use any concealer that does not dry matte (a good example is NYX HD, Tarte Shape Tape, or MAC Paint Pot). Apply this evenly on both of your lids and blend it out using either a flat synthetic brush, your fingers, or a wet beauty blender/sponge.

3) Set It

Use your favorite loose setting powder and set the eyelids. This will help with the build-up of your other shadows and will give you an even and equal color payoff. Take a round fluffy brush or a powder brush and swoop some of it on both of your eyes. You can use any kind, however, some of the most recommended ones are Maybelline Fit Me, as well as the Laura Mercier translucent powder.

4) Eyeshadows

Get yourself an eyeshadow palette which has a lot of cool and warm toned brown shades. Of course, your palette needs to have a matte black shadow, and preferably some shimmery highlights which you will place in the inner corners of your eyes. For instance, Morphe 35O2 is a great example of what you should have. Although you don’t need as many eyeshadows, make sure you have at least 4 colors to work with.

5) Slow and Steady

Make sure you have a lighter brown which you will place in your crease, a chocolate brown which you will use to define the corners, a matte black, and possibly even one more brown shade to place on your lower lashline. Always start the process with the lightest color in the crease and buff it out using a large blending brush. Move onto the next brown shade once you are entirely satisfied with the lighter one.
Tip: Have at least 2 clean fluffy brushes, or make sure you wipe them in between the process.

6) Black

After the crease and the corners are smoked out, it is time for your black shadow. You can use a flat synthetic brush and apply it all over your eyelid. Pack the color on by making slow tapping motions. After the middle portion of your eye starts looking jet black, use a clean buffer brush and soften the edges. This will make the entire look a lot more cohesive and soft.

7) Lower Lash Line

Once your upper portion of the eye is complete, you can continue with your lower lash line. Apply some dark brown shadow under the lash line, and a matte black gel liner in the waterline. This will round up your eye, and the entire look will make more sense. After you blend and soften the lower portion take your favorite mascara and apply 2 coats on your lower and upper lashes.

8) Falsies

If you are a fan and if you are not afraid of false lashes make sure you stack them on your eye. Take your favorite tweezers, a lash glue, and the falsies. Apply an even amount of glue over the lash band and let it dry for 20 seconds. Place the lashes on top of your natural ones with the help of your tweezers or hands. You can go in with the well known Ardell Wispies or some more extreme ones like Huda Beauty.

9) Foundation

Once your entire eye makeup look is done it is time for your face makeup. Use your trusted foundation and apply it with your brush or a beauty sponge. Set it with a bit of the translucent powder and give yourself a nice bronzed look. Go in with any bronzer and apply it evenly on your cheeks, forehead, and a little bit on your jawline.
Also, take your favorite highlighter or the shimmery shadow and highlight your inner corner of the eye, brow bone, and the tip of the nose. This will give you a healthy wet skin look.

10) Lipstick

Lastly, finish up the look with the right shade of lipstick. Don’t use red or purple, instead stick with something soft and natural because the eye makeup is so strong and harsh on its own. Stick with nudes, pinks, or peachy shades and use any lipstick consistency you prefer (matte, liquid, satin, gloss). Round your lips using a lip pencil and apply your chosen lip color evenly on the lips.

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