Tutorial: Burgundy Love

I did a lot of improvising on this look because I didn’t have all the colors that I wanted, so if you want to recreate it you might be able to skip a couple of steps.

1. Prepare your skin according to it’s needs: tinted moisturizer or moisturizer & foundation, concealer, setting powder.

2. Apply a matte burgundy eyeshadow all over the mobile lid, into the crease and under the lower eyelashes. You could also do some cool eyelashes with eyelash extension training from my friend.

3. Apply a metallic version of the same color on the inner half of the lid and blend it outwards.  (If you’re planning to wear this as a day-look, keep the shimmer very subtle-or you can even skip this step).

4. At this point, I needed to improvise a darker color: take a little bit of a dark grey eyeshadow on the brush and apply it on the outer half of the lid, blending well with the base color.

5. On the inner corner of the eye, I applied a mix of white eyeshadow and the metallic burgundy color, to get a highlighting shade.

6. Blend the edges, line the waterline with a black eye pencil, fill in the brows and add mascara to the lashes.

7.  I kept the rest of the face very natural: just a touch of color on the cheeks and a nude pink on the lips.

You can use some cool L’Oreal makeup from Amazon.

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