Tutorial: Drama Queen in Green

These days I’m doing some changes to the blog, so if you come in here and find everything messed-up… don’t worry, I’m working on it :D. Suggestions are allways welcomed, by the way.

These days I’m doing some changes to the blog, so if you come in here and find everything messed-up… don’t worry, I’m working on it :D. Suggestions are allways welcomed, by the way.

Anyway, the most important change is on the content. Starting from today, I’m doing full looks(not just eye make-up like I used to do) with tutorials. Doing tutorials was a hard decision to make- I’m personally not a fan, I allways go straight to the pictures (in blog posts) or at the end of videos to see the completed look-but I had some requests and I know most people prefere it this way.
However, I won’t post lists of products so please don’t ask for them. I promised a while ago an explanation for this, so here it is: I refuse to advertise for free, unless it’s brands that offer great quality for decent prices. Why? Well, it’s quite simple. Brands invest a lot of money in advertising, wich means high costs for them and high prices for us(the buyers), in order for them to cover those costs. And that’s ok, I perfectly understand it, BUT… Right now the online(and by that I mean blogs and forums)  offers cosmetic companies a great amount of advertising for free. How many of you have bought (or at least dreamed about) a product after reading about it on a blog? For a brand, it means that the sales grow while the costs stay the same, or in other words: big incomes for lower costs. Good for them, but do we get something out of this? Absolutely nothing. Is that fair? I think that’s something for each of us to decide, but my decision is to avoid free advertising. 

Ooook, now back to the important stuff: my first tutorial!:)
This look is quite dramatic-closer to fashion make-up than to wearable make-up- but if you’re bold enough you could wear it for a party, or simply go for a nude lip instead of black.

1. Start by applying a base to your whole face: depending on how your skin looks, that can be either tinted moisturiser or foundation(don’t forget your eyelids and lips; if you have oily skin, use eyeprimer on the lids). Add concealer where needed. Since this is such a dramatic look, I suggest going for a perfect, porcelain skin.

2. Using a creamy white eye pencil, draw the shape around your eye and fill it in. This helps not only with the shaping, but it also gives the eyeshadow something to adhere to, making it last longer on your eyelids.

3. Using your finger or a smudging brush, spread the color evenly inside de contour.

4. Apply green eyeshadow all over the white shape. Of course you can use any color, I just liked how this green looks with the whole look.

5. Using a clean small blending brush(actually any kind of medium-sized brush works, even your finger), carefully blend the contour. You want to keep the shape, but without any harsh lines.

6. Apply liquid or gel eyeliner, as close to the lashes as possible.

7. With a black eyeliner pencil line about 4/5 of your lower waterline, starting from the outer corner.

8. Back to the liquid/gel eyeliner. I don’t know how to explain this one, you’ll just have to see for yourself in the picture. 😀

9. Keep the eyebrows natural- fill in the gaps with matte eyeshadow or with an eye pencil. Use a color that matches your hair color.

10. Add mascara, and you’re done with the eyes.

11. Line your lips and fill them in using a black eyeliner pencil. Blot and reapply the pencil(or black lipstick, if you own any).

12. Add colorless gloss on top of that. (Tip: when applying colorless gloss over a colored lipstick, use your finger or a lipstick brush, never the lipgloss wand. Unless you want you colorless gloss to become colorful 🙂 )

13. Dark coral blush on your cheeks, and that’s it!

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